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Using augmented reality in prawn farming
Aussies love their prawns and we grow some of the best and biggest prawns in the world. Farmers spend a lot of time and effort monitoring their ponds and making sure the water conditions keep their prawns healthy and thriving. Currently, monitoring water quality for most farms is very slow and labour intensive. State-of-the-art wearable and hands-free technologies are changing the game. New tech from CSIRO gives farmers immediate pond-side understanding of key water quality parameters and trends. It takes live sensor data captured in ponds and uses machine learning to forecast key water quality variables 24 hours into the future. It will help the farmers get early notification if the water quality starts to change for the worse - a world first for prawn farming.
15th October 2019 by lynnwood 0 Comments
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Prize winning corn bread
What a clever idea to top corn bread with slices of sweet onion. A prize winning entry at the Riverhead Country Fair.
14th October 2019 by sabrabrock 1 Comments
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Celebration Food as Art
Food as art, decoration and delicious consumption spotted at the opening celebration to honour 50 years of Kaldor Public Art Projects. In collaboration with the Art Gallery of New South Wales the Kaldor Public Art Projects has been created by British artist Michael Landy. This exhibition at the Gallery of NSW brings an artist’s perspective to bear on the 50-year history and 34 ground breaking, art projects. Making Art Public also features major new commissions and presentations as well as a new creative learning space.
14th October 2019 by make-happen 0 Comments
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A wearable that allows a deaf person to feel music
The Sound Shirt jacket allows a deaf person to feel vocals or instrumentals on their skin. Live music is translated into data in real-time and then communicated to the wearer via sensors embedded in the fabric of the garment.
13th October 2019 by lynnwood 0 Comments
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Value From Solid Wine Waste
‘waste to value’ technology enables on-site processing of solid wine waste to produce tartaric acid and grape sugar. These are both key ingredients in the global food manufacturing value chain. The market demand for tartaric acid alone is expected to be US$3.16 billion by 2022. Applying this technology to large-scale wine production improves production flexibility (including input cost flexibility), and generates better environmental outcomes.
13th October 2019 by michael-sharp... 3 Comments
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Community collaboration to produce a Graveyard Tour
Three community groups on Long Island NY collaborated to produce a Graveyard Tour this month. "Widows" in Victorian dress guided us to tombstones of historically prominent local people where actors in costume portrayed them. The last actor, dressed as a Victorian era undertaker, told us about customs for burials at that time including the practice of photographing dead people. The three community groups are the Mattituck-Laurel Historical Society, Mattituck Presbyterian Church and North Fork Community Theatre.
13th October 2019 by lynnwood 1 Comments
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