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Connecting People with Photography
In 2018 JR his team spent a month roaming New York City, parking their trailer truck and taking photos of passersby who wished to participate. Each was photographed in front of a green screen then the images were collaged into a NYC setting featuring architectural landmarks. More than 1,000 people were photographed for a mural, The Chronicles of New York City. Participants chose how they wanted to be represented and were asked to share their stories, which are now on a free app. Mexican painter Diego Rivera was the inspiration. Now showing at the Brooklyn Museum.
6th October 2019 by sabrabrock 1 Comments
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Relaxing in a salt lounge
Salt therapy is a widely used natural remedy that goes back several centuries. The healing atmosphere of salt caves was acknowledg
6th October 2019 by lynnwood 4 Comments
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Overcoming aggressive breast cancer with a new drug
A drug that boosts chemotherapy success could be used to treat aggressive breast cancers, according to scientists at the London-based Institute of Cancer Research. The drug forces cancer cells to divide quickly, making even chemo-resistant cancers susceptible to treatment. Multiplying faster than normal produces errors within the cancer cells and means chemotherapy is more likely to kill them.
6th October 2019 by lynnwood 0 Comments
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Paralysed man moves in mind-controlled suit
A man has been able to move all four of his paralysed limbs with a mind-controlled exoskeleton suit. The 65kg of sophisticated robotics is not completely restoring function. However, it is a marked advance on similar approaches that allow people to control a single limb with their thoughts.
5th October 2019 by lynnwood 0 Comments
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Australia's new meat alternative
CSIRO has launched its plant-based meat venture, v2food. Over the next year there are plans to develop a range of wholly Australian meat alternatives to be sold in supermarkets and restaurants across the country. The products include protein from legumes, fibre from plants, and oils from sunflower and coconut. Hungry Jack’s will be the first major fast food chain to stock the product. Meat-free burger patties will soon be available in their stores. Mince will also be available in grocery stores in the near future.
5th October 2019 by Test reg 0 Comments
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An edible coating to keep food fresh for longer
Researchers from Universidad de los Andes have invented a new edible coating that extends the shelf-life of fresh meat by locking in moisture and preventing oxidation and microbial growth.
4th October 2019 by rishadk 0 Comments
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