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Removing plastic from the home, one bottle at a time
Zero Co help households decrease their use of single use plastics. For every item bought, Zero will wash and refill the empties, significantly decreasing the amount of plastics a household sends to landfill as a result. Well worth watching as they commence a Kickstarter round to support initial production.
1st October 2019 by tl 1 Comments
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Try on clothes virtually to help you with online shopping
An app is being tested by The London College of Fashion which aims to change the way consumers shop online by allowing us to try on clothing “virtually”. The app allows you to create an avatar of yourself, where you are then able to see what you look like in those items. Usually consumers decide whether they like the items purchased online after purchasing it and trying it on. The aim of the app is to decrease the ever growing percentage of online returns by allowing us to see how we look in clothes before purchasing it online.
30th September 2019 by shaina-barrag... 1 Comments
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Bottletop Designer Bags
Spotted in K11 Hong Kong. Sustainability is at the core of everything brand BOTTLETOP does on the product journey; from the raw materials, to the moment it reaches a customer’s hands. All of their bags incorporate upcycled metal ring pulls in their design. These are sourced and cleaned in Brazil to create their signature chain mail fabric. The company trains local artisans with new skills and crafts to manufacture the items and use plastic-free packaging. To reduce pollution, they do not use any plastic when the goods are shipped to customers- instead, they arrive in recycled cardboard packaging.
30th September 2019 by make-happen 1 Comments
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Neuroscientists have identified how exactly a deep breath changes your mind.
The findings from new neural research prove how using controlled or conscious breathing during times of stress or when heightened concentration is needed can positively change the brain. The taking in and releasing of deep breaths proves what many intuitively knew, that this simple act can relieve feelings of stress and bring greater focus.
30th September 2019 by IdeaSpies 1 Comments
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