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Relaxing in a salt lounge


Salt therapy is a widely used natural remedy that goes back several centuries. The healing atmosphere of salt caves was acknowledged in medieval times, with monks taking the sick down into salt caves to allow them to breathe air saturated with salt particles. In this salt lounge you relax for 45 minutes with detoxifying salt air and guided imagery meditation. During the session you will have breathed in approximately a week's worth of salt air, as though you had you been staying by the sea.​

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sabrabrock @ 2019.10.06 9:08 PM
About to try this pm. More later.

sabrabrock @ 2019.10.08 8:15 PM
Going back for a second session

sabrabrock @ 2019.10.15 7:56 PM
Worth a second visit.

IdeaSpies @ 2019.10.15 8:06 PM
Yes- an interesting experience. I wonder if we'll see more of these lounges around the world.........

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By lynnwood

6th October 2019


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