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A new way to kill cancer cells
Researchers have found a new way to kill cancer cells by using artificial DNA.Drugs based on nucleic acids -- namely DNA and RNA,
30 December 2022 by IdeaSpies



Precision fermentation to develop new ingredients
An ambitious plan to transform the way ingredients are created by using fermentation has raised $10.5 million in seed funding, a new record for a female-founded startup.Cauldron, based in regional NSW, will use the funds to expand its existing pilot plant in Orange, 260km west of Sydney, as well as building a national production network and team.While the notion of fermentation is nothing new Founder Michele Stansfield says they are at the cutting edge of “precision fermentation” – industrial-scale fermentation. Precision fermentation is designed to develop new ingredients such as proteins, fats and fibres, which can then be used to create animal-free “milk”, plant-based “meats” and biodegradable plastic alternatives. 
27 March 2023 by IdeaSpies



The Changing FinTech Landscape
You're invited to join our IdeaSpies Community for an online discussion about the changing FinTech landscape in c
27 March 2023 by IdeaSpies



Mobile connection hub to breakthrough digital isolation
Digital literacy across Australia is variable. But 3 million Australians in 2020 were not online and not able to take advantage of the educational, health, social and financial benefits of being connected. A Queensland-based charity is using vehicles operated by volunteers to provide access, empathy and problem-solving support for vulnerable women. The Hubs are outfitted with technology such as laptops, phones, printers, smart TV and coffee/tea making facilities. “Simply put, we want to reduce social and digital isolation, domestic and family violence and homelessness through the power of connection,” says Jo Westh, founder of 4 Voices.
27 March 2023 by Matt Romania



David Hockney’s 5-metre digital artwork
In his digital work Looking at the Flowers, the 85-year-old British artist plays with traditional still life. He depicted himself twice, on the right and the left of the composition – seemingly caught in a private moment as he looks at 20 of his own exuberant floral still life’s that hang on a wall in front of him. In both self-portraits he wears the same, blue-checked suit and white flat cap, while sitting in different chairs and smoking a cigarette on the left while an ashtray is among objects on a simple table placed next to his other self.
27 March 2023 by Gillian Corba...



Aussie legal tech favourite launches ‘Josef Q’
Arguably one of Australia's most popular legaltech companies, Josef is well known for its no code platform that enables lawyers to build tools and processes for their law firm using natural language AI.  Josef has taken it to the next level, and just launched ‘Josef Q’, an AI powered tool that transform policies and regulations into digital Q&A tools.  Specifically designed for industries like legal, compliance, information security and HR, Josef Q empowers teams to deliver instant answers to questions about policies, compliance and regulations, and is a game changer for in-house teams around the world.  Read more -
26 March 2023 by Karen Finch