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Centre for Optimism Partnership with IdeaSpies
Optimism is very powerful: The zeitgeist is pessimistic and cynical.   The times call for realistic and infectiously opt
19th January 2020 by VictorPerton 1 Comments
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Judo for People with Disabilities Can Help With Social and Motor Skills
A new judo studio aimed at people with intellectual, physical and sensory disabilities has opened in Hobart, Tasmania in Australia
19th January 2020 by Rachel Worsle... 1 Comments
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19th January 2020 by ideaspy_09 1 Comments
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19th January 2020 by IdeaSpies 0 Comments
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This local kombucha brewer might have the alternative in fine dining
Have you tried pairing the complex flavour of kombucha with BBQ, greens, or soft cheese? Kombucha continues to be the tasty
18th January 2020 by Ivani Torales 4 Comments
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Renewable Energy Future by Artificial Intelligence
In the bigger picture, AI will be the brains behind a proposed national smart grid that will take the input of millions of sensors to make real-time decisions about which sensors need to be replaced and where to allocate energy resources. One very famous example of an energy-saving AI algorithm involves Google. Wind and solar offer particularly rich datasets that algorithms can chew on in order to provide insights on current problems, predict issues that might arise, improve energy storage or to identify the optimal layout of the next mega solar farm .
18th January 2020 by Prof.(Dr.) Sa... 3 Comments
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