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Aerial selfy camera
The new Hover Camera Passport is a drone built specifically for taking selfies and follow footage. It folds up so is portable- it?s built to fit inside a backpack or purse, so is always with you, whenever you need it. It shoots video and stills and has a built-in flash. It also has image recognition software, which allows it to not only sense/track faces and bodies, but also maintain its position in space without the aid of GPS.
20th March 2017 by idea-2 0 Comments
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18th March 2017 by jeremyspy 1 Comments
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A new way to buy fashion-from the catwalk
Retailer Myer has announced the release of a new online platform with a Tinder-like approach for guests attending Myer fashion parades, allowing them to buy clothes they see on-demand. Guests watching the parades are able to ?scan? a model in the parade using their phone camera and view the presented outfits on the mobile platform. You can either add the outfit to the shopping cart, or use Tinder?s swipe-left, swipe-right formula to save items for future purchase.
18th March 2017 by mike 0 Comments
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Lab-grown meat to match the price of regular meat by 2021.
High-tech meat makers like Memphis Meats strive to create all of the flavor and nutrition of meat without the killing.
17th March 2017 by chloe 0 Comments
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A quirky way to cheer someone up
You can send a positivity pack to a friend or even yourself if you need cheering up. We all need to remind the voice in our head to be more positive sometimes.
17th March 2017 by angel 0 Comments
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Headphones that measure brain activity and train you to concentrate
Using advanced machine learning, Mindset measures your concentration level in real time, tracking your changes throughout the day. You can use it to schedule deep work sessions and, during these sessions, Mindset can alert you whenever you get distracted, so you can return to task immediately.
15th March 2017 by oliver 0 Comments
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