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A snapshot of contemporary Australia
All Auras Touch is a snapshot of contemporary Australia revealed through the process of photographing human energy fields, otherwise known as auras. Taking the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations as the starting point, artist Kate Mitchell will photograph the aura of one person for each of the 1,023 recognised occupations. Using electromagnetic field imaging equipment, participants of All Auras Touch will have their aura portrait taken by the artist. Each aura portrait will then form part of an expansive installation. All Auras Touch reminds us that we are all energetic beings made up of the same matter.
13th January 2020 by make-happen 1 Comments
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Branding an Airport
So many airports looks the same as every other one.  The Jacksonville (Florida) airport has a clever idea to feature rocking chairs in acknowledgment that Florida is a favorite retirement destination, but also transforming the idea to the more contemporary idea that it's a destination that "rocks."  Also a comfortable place to sit!
13th January 2020 by sabrabrock 1 Comments
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Community Consultation made Fun
Question: Do you want more car parking or more green space?  The District Council of Yankalilla, South Australia, went to the community to help determine the future of the Normanville Foreshore. Instead of using a tick box questionnaire they set up 6 stations which were staffed, so that alongside this visual activity was someone listening to the commentary and capturing comments. Council staff loved the opportunity to connect with the community and hear what they had to say.  This station clearly illustrates the preference of the community when it comes to the question of preference of green space vs car parking spaces.
12th January 2020 by lynnwood 1 Comments
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A fish that eats plastic bottles
It began with “Yoshi the Fish” (pictured) on Malpe Beach, Mangaluru, India. The sculpture was spotted on social media by management of a holiday resort in Bali, who thought it an excellent idea, and they replicated it on their site with a fish named “Goby”
12th January 2020 by IdeaSpies 1 Comments
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More Sweetly Play the Dance
‘More Sweetly Play the Dance’ by William Kentridge is shown across the walls of a room. Featuring a slow progression of shadowy figures walking to a haunting tune played by a brass brand, it includes skeletons, generals being pulled along on platforms by bent-over women, dancers in traditional African dress, people on medical drips and a religious procession. All hint at the human and natural crises that force people to flee their homes and walk long distances: hunger, floods, poverty, war. The effect is stunning in its sights and sounds –and in its humanity. Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art, Capetown.
11th January 2020 by IdeaSpies 1 Comments
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Adaptive Surfing School Allows People with Disabilities To Catch Their Own Waves
Surfability UK is a community interest company that provides adaptive surfboards for wheelchair users as well as people with physical disabilities and neurodevelopmental conditions. They provide tandem surfboards that allow people to sit up unaided. The company originally started off helping people on the autism spectrum to participate in surfing and expanded into other areas of disability. There is always a team of coaches on hand to help people select the right surfboard, help them into the water and teach them how to catch their own waves. 
11th January 2020 by Rachel Worsle... 1 Comments
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