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Pool-sharing app allows Australians to rent out their pools
Bunim Laskin, a 22-year-old from New Jersey, is marketing Swimply, a website and an app which enables home owners to rent the
2nd December 2019 by Jasmyn 2 Comments
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High Fashion Couture- From Recycled and Discarded Materials
West Village artist Debra Rapoport, 73, has a knack for turning garbage into fashion. Her signature hats, made from paper towels, sell for as much as $450. “Recycled materials speak to me. It’s like they say, ‘Give me a second life!’ She finds recycled, discarded and unusual materials and gives them a brilliant second life as high fashion couture. No items or material of any origin are out of consideration for her “Gifted and Thrifted” unique creations, A self-described “advanced style star”, Rapoport combs the streets of New York City in search of that which catches her eye.
2nd December 2019 by make-happen 1 Comments
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Making a graveyard tour a very interesting experience
Community groups on Long Island NY collaborated to produce a graveyard tour. "Widows" in Victorian dress guided us to tombstones of interesting historical people where actors portrayed them.The last actor, dressed as a Victorian undertaker, told us about burial customs at that time, and showed us photographs of dead people with their families, as if they were alive.We then had afternoon tea in the church- all quite an experience.
1st December 2019 by ideaspies03 0 Comments
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Futuristic Technological Avenue – A new area of Investment
Innovation is a sea and technologies are the high waves in it. There will be heaps of top of the line change in innovation in next couple of years.   The democratization of innovation and information empowered by online networking, cloud and portable, are making exponential open doors for new advancements to be created and embraced. As of late, because of cloud and portable, the expense of beginning an innovation business has decreased and showcase development openings have expanded.     The new avenue of futuristic technological investments includes:  ·         Web 3.0 ·         Reproduction & Advanced    Twins ·         The Market of One ·  &n
30th November 2019 by Prof.(Dr.) Sa... 0 Comments
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Secure Home Deliveries
Chamberlain Group, the maker of garage door openers, is partnering with Amazon to develop secure, convenient package delivery
30th November 2019 by michael-sharp... 0 Comments
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"The bottom line is you have to embrace innovation"
Former Prime Minister of Australia, Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, was the keynote speaker at StartCon 2019, Australia's largest startup event,  and spoke forcibly about the need for innovation. 
29th November 2019 by lynnwood 0 Comments
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