A reusable cutlery solution, replacing the need for single-use plastic cutlery.
The overuse of single-use plastic cutlery has led to a declining ecological condition of the Earth.My design is a reusable cutlery solution that allows for easy use of a knife, fork, and spoon in a single and interchangeable system of items, which are easily used and comfortable for the end-user. This project will focus on creating a product consumers will want to reuse rather than dispose of after use as with single-use plastics. System multifunctionality and interchangeability will deter customers from their usual purchase of many items.Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.
23 April 2021 by Takoda.



Sustainable Living Workshops in Macarthur Centre
From Tuesday 18th of May to Saturday 19th of June 2021, free sustainable living workshops will be held in Macarthur Centre. The goal is to promote sustainable living through fun gardening and cooking workshops.
17 May 2021 by Mary Y
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Buy Trenbolone Online
  There are tremendous reviews approximately the detrimental consequences of phthalates, along with early puberty in women
17 May 2021 by Willie Joseph
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Hacks to turn pain into joy
The best way to attract what you want into life is to feel as good as possible at all times. Why?Underneath all of your ego’s garbage thoughts is an innate, loving, open, joyful presence.You have the highest vibration presence deep within you, but like on a rainy day the sun is obscured by clouds above it. Read more here:
17 May 2021 by Nina McPherso...



LegalTech focused on helping 84% of consumers who don’t access lawyers
Legal Tech Helper’s aim is to provide a platform to centralise legal information that assists every day people in locating relevant and practical information that can be used to solve their legal problems.  Co-founded by Samatha Lovrich, the platform uses design thinking principles and agile methodology to deliver web-based, secure, private, open sourced software that assists not for profits, community legal centres and government agencies to reimagine how they present their legal information online. Their initial focus has been on assisting vulnerable women to access justice.  To find out more, head to
17 May 2021 by Karen Finch



NOX Night Sculpture Walk in Randwick
Felixe Rives work-  The Next Christmas Photobooth is a papier mache, cardboard, timber, acrylic, flood camping lighting and discarded objects. It aims to make good memories to the piles of discarded objects found on the streets, bringing them positive energy & value again. Featured in the Nox Night Sculpture Walk exhibition.  Art works were produced by students studying at UNSW. The Walk is held each year in Randwick Environment Park and is one of the many initiatives by Randwick Council & partners hold in the park.
17 May 2021 by Gillian Corba...