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The Ready Glove
The Ready Glove is a disposable ambidextrous medical glove with a convenient list of basic vital signs printed on its outer surface. This allows first responders (like me, Rural Fire Brigade medic) the opportunity to record a baseline set of vitals without having to find a notebook; and I can keep referring to it during patient care without having to consult said notebook.
7th June 2017 by aussiephil 3 Comments
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Maria's hair loss journey
Hair loss is a problem that impacts both men and women, but there are very few treatments that are effective in both sexes and even fewer with known mechanism of action. Advangen's CEO Maria Halasz discovered this first hand when she began to lose her hair when she turned 40, and after trying everything on the market began to lose hope. Advangen scientists have since formulated the evokes tonics that have been clinically proven as effective in reducing hair loss in high proportions of men and women.
24th August 2017 by alili 0 Comments
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AI + Cyber Collaboration to rethink how we detect & manage insider threats
In time for Tech23, local alum and Adelaide's emerging scaleup, Presagen has partnered with DTEX & US-federally funded R&D group, to apply its AI technology to a hard cyber challenge - detecting & mitigating insider threats. While initial healthtech focussed, Presagen's AI platform trains on data that is distributed globally without needing to move it or be centralised - an innovation in itself! Presagen is also solving a more general and critical problem in AI – building robust, scalable and responsible AI products. Watch this space.
1st October 2019 by daniella-trai... 1 Comments
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Why crime in NY declined
IdeaSpies attended the last lecture given by Professor Kenneth Jackson today after 40 years of lectures on history and social sciences at Columbia University. He attributed the decline in crime in NY since the mid 90's to factors such as more aggressive policing, handgun control, an aging population and abortions reducing unwanted children, which should interest other cities concerned about crime rates.
30th December 2016 by IdeaSpies 0 Comments
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Not for Profit

A better way to transport water in developing countries
Wello has researched ways to improve the efficiency of water transport and storage in developing countries to help people who have to walk long distances while carrying buckets of water. Based on their research they developed a prototype for a pushable high-quality plastic container called the WaterWheel. It uses the same principle as the Hippo roller which is currently in use throughout Africa.
26th August 2017 by IdeaSpies 2 Comments
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