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Feeling isolated? You're not alone. Here's why 1 in 4 of us is lonely

Humans are social creatures. Our need to connect with others is deeply hardwired in our evolution. Times have changed, but not being connected to others can still take a tremendous toll on our relationships, health, wellbeing, and our survival. This interesting article shares many ideas as to the cause and solutions to address the loneliness epidemic. What do you think?
What do you think?

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Gill mclaren @ 2019.09.27 4:01 AM Updated link to the article here

lynnwood @ 2019.09.28 8:36 AM
Thanks Gill- I've changed the link in the post. This related post is also helpful in offering positive ways to address the situation Lynn

ideaspies03 @ 2019.10.09 8:49 PM
Good to see this idea popular and trending

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By Gill mclaren

27th September 2019


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