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Helping the fire affected with everything you buy


Although not strictly a startup, the Spend with Them initiative from Turia Pitt and Grace McBride is well worth looking at: they're encouraging people to buy from fire affected businesses and regions.


Launched just two days ago, they’ve already amassed + 107,000 followers.


In a Broadsheet article, Pitt and McBride [highlight] are only promoting businesses that can take orders online or over the phone, as not all affected areas are safe to visit.


“The reality is that these towns and communities are going to need our help long after the initial threat is over,” Pitt says. Well worth supporting.

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IdeaSpies @ 2020.01.08 5:35 AM
Great idea! A friend's property was burned. They lost livestock but could save the bees. I'll send him this idea.

percy @ 2020.01.08 9:02 AM
Great idea - well worth supporting. 

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By tl

8th January 2020


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