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A 2 min test to detect COVID-19 being commercialised in Australia


Congratulations to Maria Halasz and her team at Cellmid (CDY.AX) for her fantastic work on being the first to commercialise a test to detect Covid-19 within 15 minutes in Australia.

The test is available immediately and is suitable as a bedside test, can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, remote areas and by corporates when administered by healthcare professionals as well as in pathology labs.

“Learning from countries that managed the coronavirus infections well it is clear that widespread COVID-19 testing, isolation of those testing positive and early treatment are the best methods to control the spread of infection, while saving lives and medical resources” said Cellmid CEO Maria Halasz. “We are excited to be able to contribute to Australia’s comprehensive effort to manage this pandemic” she added.

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.28 8:15 PM
Wonderful development that can give us all hope that we can get through this soon. 

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.28 9:37 PM

Monitoring the spread is the only way to limit the transmitton and develop effective control strategies. Test kits need to be made freely available for every person ASAP. Those walking around us without any symptoms must be identified ASAP.    

lynnwood @ 2020.03.29 3:59 AM

This is a serology test for antibodies - e.g. to test if people have had the virus so that they can be redeployed to work or safe for exposure. It is developed in China and CellMid has secured a supply agreement. 

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.29 4:00 AM

This link looks helpful.

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By Lynn Wood

28 March 2020

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