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A big step forward in democratic renewal by the NSW parliament


Yesterday the NSW Legislative Council passed an Amendment to standing orders to include a statement of public interest with “every government bill other than an appropriation bill for the ordinary annual services of government.”  

The statement of public interest covers:

1.     Factual evidence of the need for the bill,

2.     The public interest objective,

3.     Options considered,

4.     Analysis of pros, cons and costs,

5.     The implementation pathway and timetable,

6.     Details of stakeholder consultations.  

This is a major step toward re-instating fact-based policy by a government in Australia and should be followed by all states and the federal government.

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2022.05.20 8:05 AM
Great news! When you search statement of public interest on IdeaSpies you can see the background to this idea.

Glenn Barnes @ 2022.05.20 9:20 AM

Background to the Evidence-Based Policy Project can be found at:

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