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A conversation about Climate Change and Innovation


An inspiring panel conversation will be led by ideaSpies Climate Editors Angus M Robinson and Jeremy Wright moderated by The Centre for Optimism with IdeaSpies.

Time: 12.30-1.30pm Tuesday 22 September

The panellists:

  • William Blomfield, Australian Diplomat
  • Dr Tom Denniss, Executive Chair, Wave Swell Energy Ltd
  • Rebecca Huntley. Author of "How to Talk about Climate Change in a way that makes a Difference"
  • Grant McDowell, Co-Founder Enosi Australia
  • Daniel Mason-D'Croz, Senior Research Scientist CSIRO
  • Dr Vanessa Rauland, Founder and CEO ClimateClever

The conversation will focus on the ideas and innovations posted on IdeaSpies under the category of Climate 

Please join us:

Please share these climate innovations, expressed simply in 100 words or less, to help inspire action!

What do you think?

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Victor Perton @ 2020.08.30 3:07 AM
Should be excellent - book in

Victor Perton @ 2020.09.10 9:39 AM
Promises to be a super event!

Lynn Wood @ 2020.09.10 9:39 AM
Yes- it's created a lot of interest.

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By Lynn Wood

29 August 2020

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