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A digital brain for busy people (aka the digital notetaker)


Can WeaveIt help organise your life and thoughts? The Mobile App tries to organise your thoughts, tasks and anything else like a digital notetaker. It then uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to link certain items within the note to people, places, events and other topics it knows about. Could this replace files, documents and folder structures?

What do you think?

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Ms Susanne @ 2022.01.23 1:22 PM


link is incorrect ????‍♀️


IdeaSpies @ 2022.01.23 1:22 PM
Thanks very much for letting us know. We've changed it in the post.

Daniella Traino @ 2022.01.24 1:22 PM
Thanks Susanne. We've fixed the typo. Hope you enjoyed the post

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