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A fish that eats plastic bottles


It began with “Yoshi the Fish” (pictured) on Malpe Beach, Mangaluru, India. The sculpture was spotted on social media by management of a holiday resort in Bali, who thought it an excellent idea, and they replicated it on their site with a fish named “Goby”

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maxberghouse @ 2020.01.16 3:12 AM
Isn't it completely disgraceful that even in a poor country like India (notwithstanding that the photograph was taken at an upmarket presumably, resort) there is such a huge amount of plastic waste. I also noticed a number of car or truck tyres which are themselves very hard to reuse for anything and make the task of separating out the contents of the "fish" more difficult. Perhaps they are part of the design.

make-happen @ 2020.02.17 3:38 AM
Love this idea

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12th January 2020


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