A grocery store offering fresh produce from its next door vertical farm


Vertical Field, an Israeli startup, is providing Israel's largest grocery chain Rami Levy with vertical farms where produce is grown next door in a sterile indoor environment, without the use of chemicals or fertilizers.

Not only do customers get extremely fresh produce, the farms also save significantly on energy and transportation costs. The space-saving vertical containers grow the plants in soil under LED lighting using 90 per cent less water than traditional field farming. The system is also weather and pest-resistant.

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Murat @ 2021.01.02 8:51 AM

Hi Team, Just joined this site, already find quite valuable posts.

About this post, (also regarding the post from Montreal: green houses on rooftops

Given abundance of land for agriculture in Australia and much more favorable climate comparing to Montreal/Israel, I am not sure whether this would be perceived as value for Australian consumers, Am I right on this, Are there any other perspectives?


Lynn Wood @ 2021.01.02 8:51 AM
Good point Murat. There could also be a difference in shopping centres which could affect popularity of this idea.

caf002 @ 2021.01.06 7:57 AM
Undoubtedly the future of agriculture especially in dry climates and traditional farming areas with reducing rainfall. Well done to the Israeli start up. 

Lynn Wood @ 2021.01.06 7:58 AM
Good points caf002!

Louise @ 2021.01.25 3:22 AM
This might be a way to introduce “home potagers” - we can buy a whole rack of fresh vegetables for at least a week’s supply of fresh herbs and vegetables at a time instead of making several trips to the supermarket.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.01.25 3:22 AM
Good point Louise. This idea is very popular.

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