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A healthy democracy starts with active and informed citizens


Knowledge of how our democratic processes work, what citizens’ rights and legal obligations are and understanding our national values are basic to our social cohesion.

It is concerning that among numerous shortcomings, the nation’s education system is failing to equip most secondary students with the knowledge and skills to become active and informed citizens. 

Nationwide testing shows that young people are also losing interest in political news and world affairs

Minister Alan Tudge is right when he says: “We all have an interest in our kids learning about our democracy before they hit voting age.”

Source: The Australian 21/1/21

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Glenn Barnes @ 2021.02.19 9:53 AM

CIS Article related to this issue

Lynn Wood @ 2021.02.19 11:46 AM
Thanks Glenn. I listened to an address by a top Australian University VC today who said "the big game now is our democracy". His big concern is the notion of truth, that universities aren't corrupted yet but could be. Many people are polarised and information is being manipulated. He says some universities will go under and incremental change won't work. I took a screenshot of his ideas.

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By Glenn Barnes

21 January 2021

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