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A last mile delivery service -Delivrmate

We are creating a platform where people who need delivery services will be connected to people who can help with delivery (eg A needs some groceries to be delivered and? B might be free at the same time and want to earn some money so will help). It will be an open platform so please contact us if you are interested. Facebook profile - Facebook group-
What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2019.04.24 7:14 AM
Good idea to get communities involved in helping each other. Lynn

delivr-mate @ 2019.04.25 7:14 AM
Thanks for the positive response Lynn. Is there anyways I can get in touch with like minded people through ideaspies platform ?

Lynn Wood @ 2019.04.25 7:14 AM
Seems the contact link with your idea is not working. Please correct it. Are you the same as DeliverMate? Lynn

harsha @ 2019.04.25 7:14 AM
Looks good, where are you with implementation? Sounds like Uber for groceries. Also, the link takes to the profile.

Lynn Wood @ 2019.04.25 7:14 AM
Good that the link is working now. You're welcome to phone me. Please send me an email to arrange. Lynn

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By delivr-mate

25 April 2019

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