A mental model to understand bureaucracy

Mental models help us understand the world. Management by Complexity is one such model. When you see it, you can combat it - and you can use the converse to get things done, better, at scale.

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.06.30 11:30 AM
Good video Nick- changed what rules with one day's notice?

Dr Nick Tellis @ 2021.06.30 11:37 AM
Medicare as patients' insurer paid a rebate for certain GP services over the phone - long consults (over 20 minutes), care planning (extended care of chronic and complex medical conditions), and some mental health item numbers (planning to include other providers including psychologists). These have all been changed or ceased with less than 24 hours notice. 

Lynn Wood @ 2021.06.30 12:10 PM

That's very surprising. Our daughter is in London and uses TeleHealth. I posted this idea nearly three years ago of the service she was using. When you share the idea using the icons under it tag @ideaspies and we'll support it.

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By Dr Nick Tellis

30 June 2021

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