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A new retail concept- a family experience store


Camp Is a new retail concept in the US, backed by BuzzFeed. The 'store' blends retail, food, play, exploration, entertainment, creativity, and more!

After entering through the door you follow a ~magical path~ to the CAMP experience space.

The stores combine a gymnasium for kids to unleash energy, disco room, cubby houses, and unicorns everywhere!

There are great members-only activities, including date night drop offs where you can drop your kids off for a few hours and go have dinner, while the staff do a craft activity with the kids, give them pizza, and either do a story time or a screening of a show.

What do you think?

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Felix @ 2020.03.05 8:12 PM
I wonder what the interior looks like

John @ 2020.03.05 8:14 PM
Looks fun

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.05 8:16 PM
Check the link and you'll see Felix. Glad you're curious. 

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By Lynn Wood

4 March 2020

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