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A new 'Sun' tax on households with solar?

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27 February 2023 by Jeremy Wright

Not a new idea - to charge households for their excess solar-generated electricity - but controversial. The Sun tax concept is getting closer, but not much clearer, as networks outline their plans.

Ausgrid will introduce opt-in export pricing for households in July 2024 including both a charge component and reward component, depending on the time of day.

Essential Energy's solar tariff is a combination of its existing Sun Soaker tariff plus an export price and rebate.

Endeavour is proposing a similar scheme but stretched out to 2029.

The good news - all the schemes will encourage batteries installation.

What do you think?

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Ricky T @ 2023.03.09 3:11 PM

Is there no end to government avarice via tax? 
If you must tax, use it to disincentivise bad behaviours such as gambling.

Let people live their lives as free from intervention as possible. Using a free resource as the sun is a good thing.

Jeremy Wright @ 2023.03.09 4:19 PM

Agree with Ricky T that this "Sun Tax" will be an unnecessary disincentive - albeit applied (if it proceeds) by the Energy Companies themselves (not the government).

Better to retain the incentives for roof-top solar and fix up the grid (which is problematic but possible) to fully utilise the excess electricity. This excess (exported energy) is generated by over 3million already installed roof-tops in Australia and will increase considerably while energy prices keep rising.

IdeaSpies @ 2023.03.09 4:41 PM
Good points Jeremy and Ricky. People will possibly also be surprised by having the replace their solar panels without subsidies. However they are supposed to last 25-30 years.

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