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A private tutor online

The Smart Sparrow adaptive learning model is similar to having a private tutor.. A private tutor can adapt to you. When you go to a private tutor, you are not getting a lecture, you are not reading a book. You are typically doing problems and getting feedback while you do the problem. The learning experience is more interactive and more adaptive. Technology can now make it possible for every student in the world to benefit from this type of learning. Everyone can have their own private tutor.
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bill-van-eron @ 2018.02.03 7:12 AM
I like this idea and will try to learn more about it and its scalability into other learning domains. It and the Freelance Network that one other innovator shared, could theoretically be great fits into what I will share conceptually as a full online entrepreneurial support ecosystem, I think this will thrive on its own as traditional education is failing to stay ahead or keep up with the dynamics of change, As are most corporate employers. So I predict smart, tuned, online learning systems will greatly lower the cost of education while dramatically increasing its relevance, and as an enabler to continuous learning as a degree only gets you in the door.

lynnwood @ 2018.02.04 7:12 AM
Good points Bill! Ben-Naim, the founder of this learning system predicts the future will see "every student on the planet use personalised digital learning".

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By lynnwood

24 January 2018

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