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A quick win opportunity exists for politicians to start rebuilding public trust


Rapid bipartisan agreement and legislation of: 1) A federal integrity commission and 2) Public funding of elections - with legal limitations, and transparent real time declaration, of donations to parties and individual politicians would start the rebuilding of public trust in our government system.

Both major parties have made public comments on the desirability of both these moves but failed to move forward with legislation. They would not tolerate such delays by other organisations outside the political system! Ask your local member why!!!

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Glenn Barnes @ 2020.02.06 4:12 PM
Picture by ABC

IdeaSpies @ 2020.02.06 6:41 PM

Great idea Glenn! Everyone likes quick wins. It would be so inspiring to see our major parties act in the public interest by agreeing on these two policies.

Good to see the Guardian News & Media start the ball rolling in 2020 at their ideas event this week.

Love the picture. 

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By Glenn Barnes

6th February 2020


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