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A reusable cutlery solution, replacing the need for single-use plastic cutlery.


The overuse of single-use plastic cutlery has led to a declining ecological condition of the Earth.

My design is a reusable cutlery solution that allows for easy use of a knife, fork, and spoon in a single and interchangeable system of items, which are easily used and comfortable for the end-user. This project will focus on creating a product consumers will want to reuse rather than dispose of after use as with single-use plastics. System multifunctionality and interchangeability will deter customers from their usual purchase of many items.

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.

What do you think?

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ReadyFundGo @ 2021.04.27 11:56 AM

We like your idea as even if after time you may dispose of the end being eaten off there is a higher chance you will keep the handle so reduce the amount of waste.

Well done.

If you decide to move forward and produce the cutlery you could use crowdfunding to get your project off the ground depending upon how much funding you will need to raise and how many sets you will need to pre sell in advance.

Best of luck.

Deyan Stamatov @ 2021.05.05 11:56 AM
Seems like plastic cutlery is something that should be left in the past, this is a great solution to the vast environmental problems that can occur from single-use plastics.

R Hainsworth @ 2021.09.09 7:14 AM

Good morning Takoda, hope all is well with you and your family.

Congratulations on getting to this part of your MDP journey. Your project looks amazing and I hope that being part of the UpRising initiative has been rewarding and meaningful for you. 

As we wrap up the trial phase of the UpRising initiative and head towards the awards night in November I have a few quick questions.  If you could answer these in a comment below that would be so great. We want to understand how UpRising assisted you and also help us best prepare for next year's cohort of designers.

1.      What were two interesting things that you experienced or found as a result of being part of the UpRising? 

2.      How did UpRising help you with your project?

3.      What would you like to do with your project and what would help you get there?

4.      How did seeing other UpRising projects affect your designing and learning experience? 

5.      What would you like to see added to the UpRising initiative to better help next year's students?


One last thing, can you add in a ‘Start to Finish’ photo of your project? Your current image is a great visualization of the start and the middle of your journey. Is there a third image / photo that you could stitch next to these that shows the last stage of your solution?

Congratulations once again and looking forward to seeing you in November. You have done an amazing job and we are very proud of the 2021 cohort. 

See you soon

Takoda. @ 2021.09.16 5:02 AM

Hi Richard, 

I hope this could help:

1.  a) There were a number of interested individuals who provided great feedback to myself and others concerning their posted projects on the Ideaspies website.

     b) Exploring the social network of other students' ideas was good for ensuring that my product had a high level of finish when completed.

2. Involvement in UpRising through Ideaspies was useful for confirming project directions through positive comments on my post. This initial praise for my idea enabled greater confidence to be possessed for the remainder of the project development and completion.

3. Through engaging with the major design project, the intrinsic flaws associated with my design ideas were revealed, and would definitely require reworking if this design is to be pursued further.

4. Viewing a range of products, systems, and environments through Ideaspies' UpRising program was useful to attaining a more holistic understanding of the parameters of the MDP, and the different perspectives and approaches of other students.
5. The current state of the UpRising program is quite effective in providing immediate feedback upon student works and ideas, so opportunities for improvement are less evident.




P.S. Here are some images of the final stage of production, as requested, and my presentation board.

R Hainsworth @ 2021.11.20 8:55 AM

Congratulations on all of your hard work this year and for being the first year 12 design students to be part of The UpRising.  The 8 judges have been busy going through all the major design projects to decide which projects should be awarded hundreds of dollars in seed funding and mentoring, to take their project to the next level. The judges have used a points system, 3 points for the project they felt was the most impressive, 2 points for a second outstanding project and 1 point for a project that really resonated with them. Three projects will be awarded Seed funding and mentoring 

  • First Place $1000 Seed funding

  • Second place 750

  • Third place 500

The winners will be assisted with the continued development of their project next year by the very cool company Nectir

We are holding an Awards night to announce the winners and we would love to have you all there. It’s online so you can join in from wherever you are. 6pm - 7pm Thursday evening 9th December. 

Click here to get your tickets. 

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Wishing you the best of luck with your final exams. Awards night is on the 9th December

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