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A Roadmap for reopening Australia


A taskforce convened by the University of Sydney recommends that Australian governments endorse a plan for rebuilding the nation’s society and economy based on the following priorities: 

1. A return of Australia to its pre-COVID embrace of immigration and multiculturalism

2. The creation of a fully integrated public community-based system of care, which recognises the pandemic’s effects on people’s mental health

3. A strategy of inclusive prosperity that addresses the economic inequalities exposed by the pandemic. 

4. The creation of further national cooperation building on the success of the National Cabinet. 

5. An acceptance of Australia’s moral duty to assist our Pacific and regional neighbours

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2021.07.28 11:34 AM

The IdeaSpies Positive Pandemic Plan (PPP)

Charles Kovess @ 2021.07.29 4:29 PM

The National Cabinet is NOT a success at all.

Premiers attend, agree to actions, then ignore their agreements.

The Federal Government has no way of making the Premiers accountable for their agreements.

So this roadmap is fundamentally flawed

IdeaSpies @ 2021.07.29 4:29 PM

I understand this view Charles. The National Cabinet was initially a good idea however now seems to operate like COAG did, along party rather than national interest lines.

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