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A Royal Commission into affordable and safe housing


Lack of housing to meet the broader community’s needs; houses vulnerable to flooding and bushfires; an ever-escalating cost spiral!  

Australian governments’ housing policies (federal, state and local) badly fail the community.  

As with other systemic failures, we need a Royal Commission to investigate and recommend how we should go about fixing this unacceptable situation.

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2022.04.05 3:57 AM
Agreed! The UK appears to have much better policies. On my recent trip to London I saw housing estates surrounded by recreational facilities. 

IdeaSpies @ 2022.04.09 11:57 AM

An interesting view expressed on Linkedin:

"The challenge in Australia is our governments (state and fed) tend to regard social housing as 'welfare' rather than an investment in 'infrastructure'. Governments proudly spruik investment in infrastructure (road, hospitals, schools) but overlook quality housing for priority workers and those in need as essential to the economy. Many of us are working hard to shift the thinking".

Glenn Barnes @ 2022.04.09 9:40 AM

Yes, "social housing" is not thought of as a strategic community asset but rather a troublesome burden. However, the concept of a Royal Commission brief should look at the housing issue on a far broader brief than this. 

We have over-investment in the top end of the market, with wealthy investors paying no land tax and making tax free profits on family homes that are more "investments" than dwellings. We have essential service personnel purchasing properties that are great distances from where they work due to affordability issues. We have people buying properties in high-risk areas as that is all they can afford (and often not being able to get or afford insurance). We have young people unable to afford a home to raise a family in and be a cornerstone of their savings/investments. We have state stamp duty making it a financial challenge for people to move to new work locations. These and even more issues require analysis and effective remedies.

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