A set of election promises to start re-building community trust – and get my vote!


We will only intrude on people’s lives when a demonstrated and substantial need to do so exists.   

When action is required, we will always seek to find the “common interest solution” that the majority can accept.  

Our policy formulation, taxing, spending and donations approach will be evidence-based, fully transparent and consultative.   

We will establish caps on political donations and spending, with a real-time declaration of money donated and spent and criminal penalties for non-compliance.

All our politicians will sign a binding oath always to serve the country honestly and in the community’s best interests and be held legally accountable.

What do you think?

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Narelle Hooper @ 2022.04.30 12:16 PM
The banking and finance industry has the Banking and Finance Oath, signed by more than 3000 members of the profession, including the Governor of the RBA. 

In 2015,  The Ethics Centre developed The Politicians' Pledge, a promise made by a political candidate to constituents to adhere to a set of principles of representation. Highly regarded independents such as Member for Indi Dr Helen Haines have taken this pledge. What would it take for mainstream candidates to do likewise? 

The Politicians' Pledge

As originally conceived, the practice of politics is intended to be a noble calling. Yet, without voluntary, ethical restraint, the pursuit and exercise of power risks becoming personal, brutal and self-serving; coarsening the polity, bringing public institutions into disrepute and damaging the common good.

So, consistent with the highest ideals of our profession, I promise that:

In the pursuit of power, I will:

• Act in good conscience;

• Enable informed decision-making by my fellow citizens;

• Respect the intrinsic dignity of all;

• Refrain from exploiting my rivals' private failings for political gain; and

• Act so as to merit the trust and respect of the community.

In the exercise of power, I will:

• Give effect to the ideals of democratic government and represent the interests of my electorate as a whole;

• Abide by the letter and spirit of the Constitution and uphold the rule of law;

• Advance the public interest before any personal, sectional or partisan interest;

• Hold myself accountable for conduct for which I am responsible; and

• Exercise the privileges and discharge the duties of public office with dignity, care and honour.

Lynn Wood @ 2022.05.07 2:48 PM

Great to this proposed politicians' pledge Narelle. It would also be great to see the end of pork barrelling as proposed by this review

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