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A Smart Wallet

This wallet has been designed with a fingerprint reader to ensure only you have access to your wallet. It is connected by Bluetooth to your smartphone so you can also open it from your phone ! It protects you from Identity Theft as well as thieves being able to use your cards. You can read more about it here
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Jeremy Ungar @ 2020.11.05 7:56 AM
One please!

ReadyFundGo @ 2020.11.05 7:56 AM

Thanks Jeremy !

Great to share an idea with IdeaSpies and have someone comment so quickly.

The wallets are available from 11 November with an early-bird A$ 60 discount -

We have just spoken to the Chief Idea Spy who mentioned we should connect ????️‍♀️ 

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By ReadyFundGo

5 November 2020

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