A smarter energy pump

One machine to provide all your heating, cooling and warm water and one machine that makes the owner a cleaner person when he or she must use energy , One machine to replace 3.6 billion machines that produce waste working in a cool or a heat mode  . One machine that stops people  being polluters unknowingly, and one machine that was available in 2003  to lower energy use and stop emissions to our environment.  A machine in circular does not waste.  What you pay for it can offset your cost to stay warm and cool. 
What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.08.25 9:24 AM
Has this machine been made? Where is it available?

Ged @ 2020.08.25 9:24 AM

The machine has been made for industrial use , applied since 2004  in many wineries we have designed, The machine has always been available to the public , but not applied . 

The application of its 2 energies is the important aspect of this design and how to capature 2 energies and apply them in ways to achieve Carbon zero using 1 machine, NOT 2 

The residential application of this machine is in its final design stage and will be available to allow persons to be future-ready.

Based upon predictions our demand for heat globally will move from its present demand to reach a point where equal amounts of energy will be needed by 2035 moving to more cool energy by 2050 ( climate change will demand this and a need to secure food waste)

With these key points in mind and future-proofing society, cool climate demands now focused on heat will be ready to select cool at any time without reversing a machines primary role or adding another cooling device. 

The principle is as follows  when wanting warm energy, cool energy could be on-sold to societies ( 2035 to 2050 demands )

When wanting cool energy the same mmachine can supply this energy and revert back to a machine to convert waste heat back into electrical energy .This will acheive the follwoing .

1/. Off set energy demand 

2/. Back Home based battery systems 

3/. Operate at Net zero carbon waste 

When in heating mode 

cool energy if not used used by an owner is cpatured and  be made availble to society.


The disruptor or change is now , if we consider people can produce energy using waste heat to lower there demands on grid energy we have a two fold gain , No emmsisons and less energy use 

if we have heat captured and converted then simple cool networks would be ideal for the future ,NOT heat networks 

I hope to have a simple dual purpose machine for residential use to present very soon.

Fully operational priciples are in place , one that has applied it to its full potential is Riversdale Winery Cambridge Tasmainia 

Changes that occur 

Owners now engaged change how they work , they are rewarded when planning a cool and heat load together or vice a versa as the design is flexible 

Its primary purpose is 

1/. Reduce energy demand locally or globally 

2/. Operate at Net Zero waste 

Current designs dealing with supply of heat waste 45 % to Air, Rivers or Ground source loops , In cool mode waste 55 % of heat to atmosphere.

Both by products heat or coool energy at present Pollute but are very valuable ?  

Contact details 

Gerald 0417 808  816 


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By Ged

24 August 2020

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