A Statement of Public Interest (SPI) with all Bills to Parliament


An SPI would answer six questions that every member of Parliament and citizen is entitled to know before a Bill is considered:   

1. Need  Why is the policy needed?   

2. Objectives  What is the policy’s objective in terms of the public interest?   

3. Options  What alternative policies and mechanisms were considered?   

4. Analysis  What were the pros/cons and benefits/costs of each option considered?   

5. Pathway  What are the timetable and steps for the policy’s rollout and who will administer it?   

6. Consultation  Were the views of affected stakeholders sought and considered?   

This would encourage good policy making. 

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.10.20 6:27 AM

Great to hear that "this is not a fanciful notion. At the request of the Evidence Based Policy Research Project the NSW Legislative Council’s Procedure Committee has already viewed this proposal sympathetically. We are pressing the Committee to translate it into a Standing Order for the NSW Parliament by 2022 since it has the support of most MLCs".  Professor Percy Allen AM

Lynn Wood @ 2021.11.06 3:59 PM

Good to see you Glenn and Percy quoted in this article about grants

Glenn Barnes @ 2021.11.07 2:29 AM

Thank you Lynn.

This month will see some interesting developments in our calls for democratic renewal. Watch this space!

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