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A system for grocers to help customers find foods that boost the immune system during COVID-19.


Are you looking for foods to help improve and maintain your natural defences to fight COVID-19? This startup is using AI and machine learning, along with nutritional expertise, to match products with consumer preferences and requirements. The 'Immunity Support TAG' can be used by online retailers and physical stores to help consumers find products rich in ingredients to boost their immune system. The tool can create immune support email communications, curate an aisle of immune supporting products, and tag the products so shoppers can search and filter for immune supporting foods.

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lynnwood @ 2020.11.08 8:55 AM
Clever idea- last week I was told that we start to dramatically lose our immunity over 50 years old so this innovation is very relevant to that age group at any time and especially during COVID. 

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By Ivani Torales

3 April 2020

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