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AI is taking the OUCH out of wound measuring


It is the 21st century, but nurses and doctors still measure our wounds with rulers and dipsticks.

SmartHeal allows you to take no-touch photos with your phone camera and automatically provides accurate wound measurements.

Moreover, SmartHeal enables you to share this wound data remotely with your healthcare team so you can spend more time living life than spending time visiting clinics.

Most importantly, it is a business of impact to help half a million Aussies with wounds get better faster and live more fulfilling lives.

You can help SmartHeal by sending wound photos, NDIS/Aged care contacts and funds

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David Hauser @ Silicon Beach @ 2022.11.02 4:39 AM
visit SmartHeal @

David Hauser @ Silicon Beach @ 2022.11.02 4:40 AM
and send your wound photos to

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