AI that records and transcribes conversations in real time

post-image transcribes what people are saying in meetings as they’re speaking. Within a second or two, the words someone has spoken appear on screen, effectively providing a written recording of what’s being said by all participants.

At the end of the meeting, participants can be sent a full transcript of the meeting, allowing them to search for particular keywords and listen back to key parts of the meeting, without having to wade through the entire recording.

Otter's AI engine, has been tailored to transcribing long conversations instead of the short snippets that the well-known voice assistants are trained to decipher.

What do you think?

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Jennifer Harrison @ 2021.02.14 10:38 AM
I have heard good things from several parties about this particular transcription service.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.02.14 10:38 AM
Yes Jennifer it's very easy to use. I used it at a meeting last week. There's a long free trial period which is also good to encourage use. 

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By Lynn Wood

13 February 2021

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