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Air purification combats airborne and surface-to-person viruses in buildings


Johnson Controls is introducing the AtmosAir™ solution to the Australian market in response to the urgent need for a product that can help reduce the spread of viruses such as COVID-19 through indoor air systems, including commercial air conditioning. The system also restores oxygen ion levels and treats germs before they infect people by continuously disinfecting the air.  

The bipolar ions intercept infected particles causing them to agglomerate and fall out of the air, actively reducing microorganisms that collect on surfaces (a common source of infection) including bacteria, fungi, mold, spores and airborne viruses such as coronavirus.

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.04.07 7:59 PM
This idea would be very useful in childcare situations, virus or not. 

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By ideaspy_09

7 April 2020

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