Amped up speaker

I am going to design and make a Bluetooth speaker that is portable and compliments the current fashion trends. This product is able to target multiple audiences as it includes a customizable aspect that allows the consumers to decide the aesthetics of their speaker. . The speaker will be featuring a biomorphic-shaped protection shell and a water-resistant mesh. The whole speaker is presented in a cubic shape. While two faces are taken up by the speaker, the other four are blank slates ready to be designed. 
What do you think?

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Sabra Brock @ 2021.05.02 6:06 PM
Like your idea.  Who do you think would buy it and what price would they pay?  You might want to do a little market research.

Hamed Ghajarnia @ 2021.05.03 9:51 AM
The Bluetooth speakers market is a very crowded area by big brands and any new products should have a real advantage/innovation to be able to succeed. I also suggest very good market research to make sure your approach and features can make your product successful and are the ones that your customers want. 

Also, if your aim is to make a waterproof (or water resist? different category and certificate required) speaker you should make sure to design the replaceable side of the speaker well not to affect the sealing of the product. 

R Hainsworth @ 2021.05.03 5:22 PM

This looks amazing Henry. How can industry help? Create a wish list by defining exactly what you need to get this great idea to early prototype stage. 

This way companies know how best to assist you and link your idea to the right networks.

Deyan Stamatov @ 2021.05.05 5:27 AM
Customisation in products I purchase is something I really feel like I want. I know I'd definitely buy something like this and I'm sure I can find a few friends who agree.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.05.09 7:07 AM

Looks like an interesting project Henry. These posts mentioning bluetooth on IdeaSpies may give you some ideas

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