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An app that can help you track your dental health


 Adent Health is offering an app for scanning your teeth and tracking your dental health. Adent uses your smartphone’s camera and AI computer vision to give you a free dental checkup, spotting signs of more than 10 oral conditions.

The makers explain that Adent is a certified medical device- they’ve worked with dental professionals to build and test its algorithms and clinical outcomes.

The focus is on prevention and the app can help you decide when to see a dentist.

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Haroon Shahab @ 2021.09.09 12:05 PM
Such a useful app. As in the challenging times of Covid-19, it will be useful and easy for people to check their dental health. Thumbs Up!!!

IdeaSpies @ 2021.09.09 12:05 PM
I thought so as well Haroon. I've always been worried about going to the dentist as you have to believe what they say. This app could help by giving us more info on which to base treatment. 

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