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An automated booth for sunscreen application

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eclipz-sunscreener @ 2018.03.19 7:13 AM ?Skin cancer is at an alarmingly high rate in Australia with statistics showing an unbelievable high percentage in teens between 11 and 19...................................... this is scary and unacceptable, I have a 5-year-old and a 15-month-old daughter and I want to try and future?proof them and their?outdoor safety especially in high sun exposure locations such as water parks? and beaches? My mission is to do exactly this through automation, hence my idea.? ?My idea has won awards at Masters Degree level. It is essentially similar to people tanning booths where a brown solution is applied to the body via. spray however mine is completely different My external booths will have unique static technology that allows sunscreen to 100% adhere to exposed skin. The user simply chooses the desired factor rating from a touchscreen, covers their eyes and away they go.?My booths would allow customers the ability to get sunscreen applied, without having to carry anything and be confident that they are getting protected from the sun and not missing patches. Missed skin coverage WILL burn and in this Australian harsh sun it WILL damage skin and lead to melanoma, all due to the UV rays penetrating the skin from a diminished ozone layer. "Most products are not visible when applied to skin and as a result small areas can be missed, leading to sunburn appearing in these areas the next day. Care should be taken when applying sunscreens. It is important not to miss your ears, hands and feet and back of the neck. Apply at least 1 teaspoon of sunscreen product to each body part (face and neck, arm, leg, front of body, back etc). Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours." Australasian College of Dermatologists.???? ?I have been in discussions with Melanoma WA? who are interested in discussing my idea further. I also have had discussions with an Australian sunscreen distributor Banana Boat however in light of recent bad media coverage I am hesitant and currently looking elsewhere. I have briefly contacted a new innovative pharmaceutical and laboratory company in Canada who are about to launch an exciting new type of CBD sunscreen on the market with not only will this product be a natural sunscreen protector but it also has health properties when applied to the skin.? I have met with Industrial Design companies, however, I require funding to take this to the next level and get a prototype designed. The second stage will be getting a prototype manufactured and installed in a local water park.? These parks are the most concentrated area of people exposed to harmful UV rays with little shelter. ?There is a want and a need for my product and eventually, with enough exposure, a desire will follow for further public place requirements. The dream is to have one at every beach, resort and water park in Australia. An Aussie solution to an Aussie problem! This should be a universal fight to prevent this horrid disease from many, willing to contribute, interested parties... ?This campaign is to raise money for the design stage and to get the product ready for production of a prototype.

Lynn Wood @ 2018.03.20 7:13 AM
Good luck with your new venture Damien. Skin cancer is certainly a problem that needs to be solved and your idea looks like it would be very helpful!

eclipz-sunscreener @ 2018.03.20 7:13 AM
Thank you for the feedback and the ongoing support, appreciate it! Please feel free to contribute to the campaign here Almost forgot how do I put up a large cover photo similar to the other campaigns? Thanks in advance D

idea-2 @ 2018.03.20 7:13 AM
Thanks for asking Damien. You could share with an image. You shared with a link from Facebook. That?s easier but doesn?t share to others as well as if you post with an image. Check these guidelines

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By eclipz-sunscreener

7 July 2019

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