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An interactive IdeaSpies Kiosk at an Innovation Centre

Thanks to Professor Tim Boyle, Director Innovation and Commercialisation at ANSTO (Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation), an interactive IdeaSpies kiosk has been set up at their nandin Innovation Centre. This will allow students to collaborate on innovation by easily searching ideas, explained simply, related to their ideas. Ideas build on ideas.

A sign below the display says:

Anyone can have a great idea and change the world regardless of profession, social hierarchy, gender or race....step out of the box you currently live in. Outside the box anything is possible.

What do you think?

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Eduardo Sifontes @ 2022.12.08 6:50 AM
Nicely done! Every university should have one in their student centres, or even high schools.

IdeaSpies @ 2022.12.09 6:50 AM
Great idea Eduardo! How do we make that happen?....

Eduardo Sifontes @ 2022.12.09 6:50 AM
Unfortunately, I am not linked to the Academic sector at this moment, but if the 'IdeaSpies Kiosk' can be 'mass produced' or provide institutions with a setup specification that can be provided: touch screen all-in-one computer, specific stand for it, check what restrictions ANSTO made to its O/S setup and specify that as well, wireless internet connectivity access, etc, and send an email to every single University/College/High School...

IdeaSpies @ 2022.12.13 9:27 PM

Response from Tim Boyle:

This is entirely feasible and can be set up a few different ways depending on how technical and how much security each organisation requires.

To be really simple all that need to happen is to have touchscreen display and a PC running chrome with a touchscreen keyboard browser extension. You then just run chrome is full screen.

If you make it fullscreen the navigation options disappear so people stay on the site. You can also set it up so that you can’t minimize   - although given the people in nandin are all trusted we haven’t gone to that level.

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