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An indigenous approach to managing bushfires


The indigenous approach is to manage the landscape with so-called “cool, slow” controlled burns often conducted at night. They’re designed to reduce dangerous fuel loads of scrub and fallen timber on forest floors, and incrementally tackle large tracts of land with multiple small-scale burns.

Such an approach is more labor intensive and takes longer. But the lower intensity and slow progress of the fire gives animals chance to escape and protects the forest canopy.

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caf002 @ 2020.01.05 1:57 AM
The assumption that all fires should be cool is wrong. In fact repeated "cool" fires could change the under story to more shrubs and grasses. Historically, fires of all intensities were normal which included burning the canopy. What has changed is us. We are every where and our expectations have changed also. The indigenous approach is still a very important consideration and should be part of any fire management plan. 

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By Lynn Wood

28 December 2019

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