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An Italian's guide to leftovers


Go back to basics during a Coronavirus lockdown....

1. Move away from ‘I need everything now’ and instead use that bag of lentils you’ve had in your pantry for a while

2. If there are any leftovers like small pieces of zucchini, eggplant, celery etc, these can be finely chopped or shredded and added to a pasta sauce, meatballs, risotto or a soup

3. When preparing food, always have a bowl near your chopping board. Put all fruit and vegetable scraps into the bowl. When you finish one delicious dish, go into the leftover bowl and see what else can be created. Even onion peel can be oven dried and turned into onion powder.

4. Cook in bulk and freeze – like a true Italian!

What do you think?

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Alan Finger @ 2020.05.12 7:22 AM
Love this idea

Lynn Wood @ 2020.05.12 8:19 AM
We all have to do more with less now and this is a good example.

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By Lynn Wood

21 March 2020

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