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Art meets Activism in Support of Refugees

Leading artists have donated works for an auction to highlight the need to treat refugees and asylum seekers with dignity. Funds raised will be shared between the Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project), and Refugee Action Collective Victoria. Artists include: Sculptor Deborah Halpern OAM, Artist and filmmaker Angus McDonald, Archibald finalist and director of the award-winning film, Manus, Iranian documentary photographer Hoda Afshar, and Mallacoota based Rachel Mounsey, photographer and photojournalist. The ‘in person’ auction is on Saturday 12th November 2pm, at the Meat Market Stables 2 Wreckyn St, North Melbourne. Online bids at

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Barbara Forehan @ 2022.10.19 4:38 AM
Artists and activists combining to support refugees and asylum seekers is a great idea.

Gillian Corban @ 2022.10.19 4:38 AM
Thanks Barbara. There are so many creative ways to support other human beings.

Kathleen McCarthy @ 2022.10.26 4:38 AM
Artists have long supported social justice and human rights. This is another example of the generosity of artists who have donated to this important cause. Australia has fallen behind on its obligations to people who seek safety. The community is calling for more generosity, compassion and humane treatment of refugees, and policies and structures to reflect these values.

Gillian Corban @ 2022.10.26 4:38 AM
Yes I agree. I hope these type of steps can change things going forward.

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