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Ask Your Supporters WHY?


Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. 

He has devoted his life to sharing his thinking, and leading a movement to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.

Simon may be best known for popularising the concept of WHY in his first Ted Talk in 2009. It has since become one of the most watched talks of all time. 

We took his advice at IdeaSpies and asked Key Supporters on our About page WHY they are supporting us in two questions. Their answers are very inspiring and much better than we imagined.

We hope they inspire you as well.

1. What attracted you to support IdeaSpies? and
2. What do you believe are the benefits/potential benefits of IdeaSpies?

Advisory Board

Chair -David Thodey AO

  1. I am a great believer that Innovation and new ideas create a better world and IdeaSpies provides a platform for people to share ideas for good – environmental, social, political and economic. This is about providing a voice for positive ideas and this attracted me to IdeaSpies.
  2. The real benefit is the democratisation of ideas – great ideas, great research, great innovation, great initiatives, can come from anyone around the world – and so often the best ideas do not have a voice. IdeaSpies provides a platform for everyone to have a voice for inspiring ideas for the greater good.

Glenn Barnes

  1. To have the opportunity to advocate for more effective governance, especially in our Australian liberal democracy.
  2. To create a more positive view of our world and the opportunities that exist to make it sustainable and happier.

Dr Sabra Brock

  1. I have a strong belief in encouraging observation and documenting the positive ideas in our world.
  2. IdeaSpies provides a reminder to observe and document positive ideas every day.

Narelle Hooper

  1. The power of the vision of Lynn Wood for Idea Spies and her commitment, persistence and energy. Plus her relentless capacity to focus on the positive.
  2. A global platform which democratises innovation and allows people to share, search, action and spark ideas that can make the world better.

Maria MacNamara

  1. Watching Lynn's embrace of innovation and the digital economy. 
  2. a) Ideas sit at the core of the opportunity to solve problems. Idea Spies is a curated repository of good ideas that are a valuable resource for those who want to solve new problems or old problems in new ways. 
    b) The ability to attract, store, tag, search and share positive ideas that solve useful problems.

Mark Stanbridge

  1. When I saw the IdeaSpies platform a few years ago I thought it could be useful at our Ashurst Boardroom luncheons. I asked one of our lawyers at each luncheon to present 3 ideas from the platform and to invite directors to vote on them. It gave our lawyers practice in presenting to directors in a way that they found interesting and fun. It also gave directors a chance to engage with many innovative ideas.
  2. IdeaSpies is a digital library of positive ideas. It’s a very useful free resource to search if you want to keep up with innovation.

Maddie Cunningham

  1. My decision to join forces with Lynn is very simple. I am global, optimistic, curious and passionate about building communities. I enjoy business transformation and love using my high energy to connect people, ideas and innovations with business, industry, government and education. We both have a strong passion for sharing positive ideas and innovations that do good. We have developed a strong friendship and professional relationship over the past four years.
  2. a) The IdeaSpies platform is the go-to Ecosystem Hub for sharing ideas and innovations that do good. 
    b) It's a valuable free and open resource with search, comment & feedback capabilities. 
    c) It helps to build, grow and support startups, early stage VCs and communities. 
    d) It can be used for EduTech eg the UpRising idea category.


Ivan Brewer

  1. IdeaSpies has attracted a powerful group of editors. I wanted to connect to them, as well as support a great way to promote my Hospitality Industry. IdeaSpies was also well established, and doing well before I joined.
  2. In a noisy, busy world, where people won't scroll past a single screen at a time, ideaSpies is a great way to share interesting ideas.

Adam Caines

  1. As an avid subscriber and reader of ideas I've taken real value from the platform, from learning about new industries and trends to networking with people contributing to the ecosystem, something I've wanted to contribute more directly to for a while.
  2. Apart from digesting and sharing great ideas I believe there's opportunity for connecting on projects that can make a real impact backed by the community. IdeaSpies is also a thriving ecosystem of some incredible people across different industries and the potential across that brain trust is phenomenal if they swarm around ideas.

April Chepovsky

  1. Lynn invited me to participate in IdeaSpies. Here are the things that attracted me to support her company. 
    a) They have a mission that promotes innovation and education to create a better world. 
    b) Lynn has put together an amazingly talented and accomplished board and editorial staff 
    c) IdeaSpies has the ability to cross industries as a media and educational platform that promotes networking, community, exploring and dreaming of possibilities for a better world now and future.
  2. a) IdeaSpies creates a community of innovators and collaborators that encompasses people from all walks of life and from all over the globe. I believe that, because of the board and editorial staff, it has the credibility to create more collaboration with conferences involving innovation that promotes economic trade, human rights, humanitarian causes and environmental progress with an emphasis on global citizens making global differences. 
    b) IdeaSpies, with its leaders and networking capabilities, can assist governments in the United States and Australia to be key partners with the private sector and promote trade related to new technologies, economic development, space exploration and military strategic alliances with human capital resources on the ground in Australia and the United States 
    c) IdeaSpies is not only a media information syndicator platform, it is an educational platform opportunity that can be used to develop essential educational programming in K-12 regarding STEM and in other areas where there is a skills shortage in the United States and Australia.

Gillian Corban

  1. Innovation starts from ideas. Ideas are only ideas -they need to be shared, explored and interrogated. This often leads to more ideas and new possibilities. To gather share and discuss new ideas, link people to share and include ideas can make new potentials.
  2. I believe curiosity & ideas are our life blood. Having a space where a wide range of ideas are featured in a bite size way is great way to share and get attention. It enables cross fertilisation, new relationships to be built and supports curiosity. It is free and open to all. I think especially important for young people as ideas that foster solutions are what is needed to give them a future. It is important to educate people to the potential that ideas are across all sectors of human existence. Things do not happen without an iteration process which has started with an idea.

Bradley Delamare and Nora Laberg

  1. Main attraction would be to be able to highlight really interesting and foreword thinking startups, particularly startups that are solving a problem. It’s even better if they are solving a problem that we might not even realise we needed fixing. 
  2. Being promoted by us (TSL) gives startups genuine recognition from an unbiased party, which is really valuable for them. It shows that we are on the ball in the startup ecosphere recognising new and forward thinking companies. It’s also a benefit for many to have a place where you can easily find sources and ideas that are innovative and forward thinking.

Karen Finch

  1. In a world where much of the press and news is ‘doom and gloom’, Idea Spies stood out as a positive platform to share great news stories with a mission to spread joy, positivity and celebrate great ideas from around the world!
  2. The current benefit of IdeaSpies is building a loyal following that read and share our posts. A potential benefit of Idea Spies could be creating programs, incubators, workshops etc for positive startups and business ideas to help them build, grow and reach their potential. IdeaSpies could be the first point of connection where positive ideas grow into impactful businesses around the world.

Marcus Gordon

  1. As a minority living in the UK and a mental health and invisible disabilities blogger, I try to champion inclusion by challenging stigma. So when I was approached to become the inclusion editor, I jumped at the chance. The ideals of the inclusion editor role aligned with my mission in life: to help others and to further the cause of acceptance and understanding and moving us closer towards equality.
  2. The benefit of IdeaSpies is to present information and news that sparks a cheerful response, rather than the usual doom and gloom that comes from the news. Because of this, Lynn coined a new hashtag: #Cheerscrolling. Having access to positive news is good for our mental wellbeing and reminds us the news isn't always bad, and I think that's both noble and important.

Kylie Hargreaves

  1. I liked its purpose - to showcase clever thinking that might make a positive change. It’s free, non-political, global but also very accessible. By distilling the longer articles from credible sources into 100 words or less - it means the database can be a genuine resource for many parts of the community, be that students, business, government, academia etc. 
  2. I think because of its accessibility / searchability, it can be a great megaphone for good ideas - we just need to keep building an audience and ensuring the content is apolitical and from good sources, so that the original intent of sharing emerging (or existing), but definitely implementable ideas remains strong. 
    It’s also a ready made database to track historical trends ( eg. hydrogen) or to track specific innovations ( eg. wearable solar cells).

Jennifer Harrison

  1. As someone interested in innovation and startups, I was attracted to the breadth of the platform and the particular focus on positivity. 
  2. The curation by editors and their ability to showcase innovation - and explain why they like it - for the greater good. It's hard for good ideas to find exposure in the mainstream media unless there is a "hard news" edge and many digital media require payment so there's an inherent bias in what they write about. 

David Hauser

  1. IdeaSpies is not just a great platform to share ideas with the world but also a community of fantastic people that are passionate about helping others to succeed.
  2. I know that our startups at Silicon Beach Australia will hugely benefit from the added exposure they will be receiving through IdeaSpies.

Matt Levy OAM

  1. The spreading of ideas and knowledge.
  2. Sharing of ideas. 

Trevor Rowe

  1. I was approached by Chief Idea Spy, Lynn Wood, who invited me to be the Healthcare Editor. 
  2. IdeaSpies is a good source of information on new developments in, and new thinking across, a range of subject areas. The network of IdeaSpies editors provides a good level of reach into other networks. A benefit of each new idea is that it can serve as a catalyst to more thinking about problems, issues and solutions (ideas). In a way this latter aspect can be thought of as networked brain-storming. 

Michael Sharpe

  1. The main draw card to support Idea Spies was the concept that we can share bold ideas to make a difference in the world and boost optimism.
  2. The benefits are growing with every single new idea. Having a one stop shop of curated ideas by people who are leaders in their field makes the Idea Spies platform a powerful place to share good news.

Jeremy Ungar

  1. I was attracted to support IdeaSpies by Lynn Wood after having a conversation with her about what Lynn was doing about getting together editors and posting ideas. It fitted in nicely with my current employment role and I have continued to post ever since.
  2. The benefit of IdeaSpies is the interconnected network of editors sharing positive ideas. Positivity is a social benefit, meaning the importance and monetization is hard to measure and not tangible but intrinsic to the reader. The nature of the editors in high-standing community positions denotes that there is a generation of thought-leaders looking to do good in the world and that will continue to grow with future generations.

Jeremy Wright AM

  1. A couple of things attracted me to IdeaSpies – firstly a great site for good ideas to scroll through and definitely not ‘click bait’ and also I’m a good friend of the founder/author and wanted to support my friend.
  2. A very accessible reference to innovations that are very current & relevant across a wide range of areas – sort of like an almanac that is continually up-dated. It is very educational – dealing with issues that make up a good study in any one area.

Other Key Supporters

Lou Conway

  1. I was attracted by the positive approach to sharing ideas for good outcomes, to inspire, connect and champion people do good work.
  2. I like the global nature of the editors who share what they see elsewhere and within Australia. the curation of solutions for challenges, it is like an online Monocle that’s more accessible. It is inspiring to read the solutions and potentially encourages people to connect with those doing good work. I think the opportunity is to see how this can create a vantage point or how the creators of these solutions are reflecting on what’s working and what’s next. Obviously this is often the commercially sensitive part and how do you resource the curation of the 10 best ideas each year and interview the founders and call it Vantage Point! Just a crazy idea!

Doug Freeman

  1. The focus on positive content sharing, covering social, economic, business, environmental and innovation related developments.
  2. A method to increase the visibility of new ideas and inspire audiences to embrace broader thinking, as well as pursue their own ideas.

Richard Hainsworth

  1. IdeaSpies is an open and positive place to share ideas. Easy to read and follow. High level of UX.
  2. Development of ideas through collaboration opportunities.

Trish Kelly PSM

  1. It is uplifting to see innovation being championed and shared. It’s a sanctuary for positive ideas, optimism and creativity in a world filled with messages about doom and gloom.
  2. It provides a platform that is easy to use, easy to navigate and quick to read. Hence in an environment where there are so many competing demands for our time people are more likely to use it as they can do so in short chunks of their time. For students wanting to do contemporary research on a topic covered by IdeaSpies it provides excellent access to many topics with a concise synopsis, and in many cases, links to more detailed material. It has the potential to provide an avenue for like-minded people to form communities of practice and extend networks.

Chris Liddell

  1. Lynn’s amazing drive, energy and passion into such a great idea. My enthusiasm was tempered by the long road that I could see ahead.
  2. At some point, the IdeasSpies database of ideas and users will become an asset that can be leveraged using technology. 
    IdeaSpies needs to become part of an ecosystem to drive scale. Not sure what plumbing will cause the positive feedback loop but this will take IdeaSpies to a whole new level.

Anne Massey

  1. Because it was a different and public way of aggregating ideas. It seemed to me that the corporate world was ’stuck’ in a same old, same old way of thinking and innovation was not widely done well. Especially the generating and sharing of ideas that resonated. I do think COVID has shaken that up a bit - but of course we had no idea about that when IdeaSpies was born.
  2. Allowing others to share and generate ideas - no matter who they are. I do think that IdeaSpies is agnostic enough to bring them to life and spread them to other people, or other platforms. The benefit here is that often good ideas or new concepts struggle to gain traction and/or generate ‘word of mouth’. I would suggest that having your concept/product promoted on IdeaSpies would interest potential investors. The investment community would be a highly prized segment to attract new ideas…..leading to an IdeaSpies ’think tank’ offering. The search function could also be automated to alert people submitting an idea that it’s already been posted.

Vicky Papachristos

  1. I love new ideas and innovation and what comes with that is implementing these great ideas, which is what IdeaSpies seems to capture: Ideas that become reality and new innovations in our world. 
  2. IdeaSpies is a place where people can present ideas that impress them and share them with others - it is a marketplace of sharing impressive innovations, products, businesses, findings, ways of doing things better and more efficiently. IdeaSpies also provides for me place where I feel an emotional sense of wellbeing and gratitude - the ideas are often inspiring and hence one feels the world is moving towards greatness and improving (rather than stagnation and roadblocks).

See summary here

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