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Assisting real estate agents to put social media on autopilot


Social media is a fantastic channel for real estate marketing via paid and organic reach.

For potential home buyers, it's convenient to search, discover and learn about properties on a platform they visit several times a day anyway. 

How can real estate agents harness social media without incurring a prohibitive amount of extra time and cost?

By connecting their CRM and letting automatically generate and post social media creative.

Social media is cheaper and more targeted than the major portals.  It reaches active buyers and sellers, educates and activates passive participants and it's driven by AI and data.

What do you think?

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Craig Deveson @ 2021.10.03 2:07 PM

Many agents find social media confusing however it’s easy to address with what we call CCA.

Cadence - get a content calendar & routine for your business.  Make sure you are

Consistent - on brand etc then

Applify - use ad spend to get your message to a wider audience.

If you still find it too hard get some tools and/or consultants to help!

IdeaSpies @ 2021.10.03 2:07 PM
Good tips- thanks Craig.

Jennifer Harrison @ 2021.10.03 2:07 PM
My apologies I forgot to label the photo!  L to R:  Babette Coutanche and Craig Deveson.  

IdeaSpies @ 2021.10.03 2:07 PM
You can include names in the post Jennifer.

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