Australia needs a world-beating vaccine roll-out NOW


Israel is the world’s gold standard with 57 per cent of its population “fully” vaccinated. The US is close behind with 40 per cent. Others leading the pack include the UK, Singapore and Lithuania, all with more than 20 per cent rates of complete coverage, meaning both jabs where applicable. Australia is at 1.9%.

Flights between North America and Europe are due to resume this month. Flights between Australia and Europe up to December this year are being cancelled.

Australia’s slow start means it will need a world-beating surge to catch up. We need to get 65 per cent of the population vaccinated.


What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.05.30 12:53 PM

Check these ideas from LinkedIn that could help deal with this issue:

Lynn Wood @ 2021.05.31 12:53 PM

Thanks for the ideas- I've listed them here to make them easy to see and more are welcome

  • Politicians to consult, seek and determine the best common good outcomes on issues that we cannot individually resolve, and not to be autocratic decision-makers on our behalf- Glenn Barnes
  • Leaders who are straightforward telling us to all get vaccinated ASAP and put ‘mateship’ into practice by taking real steps to care for one another’s wellbeing. And open up our country like others who are vaccinated are doing right now- Lisa Zipkis
  • Blanket indemnity for all vaccinators
  • Get a logistics company to move the vaccine where needed
  • Shred paperwork, 3.5 hours unpaid training and 4 page consent forms
  • If you’re getting tested get vaccinated
  • Lottery tickets with vaccines

   Dr Nick Tellis

  • Fund a multi-million dollar advertising program with the same intensity or greater as committed to the now useless COVIDSAFE app. Reflect on the success of the Grim Reaper program- Angus Robinson
  •  Put as much pressure on politicians as possible to do the right thing for our lives and our livelihoods - Stephen Trowell
  • A plan with steps eg when x% of the population is  vaccinated y happens. Of course, like any plan, it needs to be flexible- Lynn Wood
  • A well managed, thought out vaccination program for Australia (so I can go home if this is the only option) and/or capacity to have loved ones visit (Covid test/vaccine completed, quarantine compliant of course) Daisy Ashworth-Brown
  • Christmas Island for better quarantine facilities- Susan Ngan
  • Unfortunately the media has focused on the vaccine risk not the benefits or risk of not being vaccinated- Sam Lees
  • We should go the way of the UK rollout and send everyone eligible at any given time, a text message with their appointment of place and time for vaccination. If it doesn't suit, then up to us to remake appointment within a period of time. Sounds crazy, but then people would be saying: my time and date is, rather than, I'll get around to it one day. NSW should lead the way with our digitising ability and ambition. Victor Dominello MP- Louise Watts
  • When you get the call get the jab. Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and MP for West Suffolk UK- Ray O’Sullivan
  • My thinking is we need everyone coming and going to be vaccinated. No one should be allowed to come in to Australia without being vaccinated.This latest outbreak could have probably been avoided if all incoming travellers are vaccinated. And in the same vein, anyone travelling overseas should be vaccinated - to protect them and the places they go, for example to the Olympics in Japan: No Vax - No Go! Maybe our governments - federal & state - should show leadership and courage and make this the rule. Happy to discuss with anyone who wants!- Vicky Papachristos
  • Use TrustGrid™ to enable privacy-preserved tracking of vaccinations and health records, allowing people and organizations to reliably present health-based proofs with ultimate confidentiality- Ben Kiunisala

Lynn Wood @ 2021.06.06 12:53 PM

Another idea suggested today by a friend- ankle bracelets. If we used them and had penalties we could offer more home quarantine and there would be no need for specially built quarantine facilities.. They were recommended last year. Why was this idea not progressed? it has in Israel.

Jeremy Ungar @ 2021.06.07 7:56 AM
Israel also utilises their technology to track the population, meaning Covid clusters can be forecasted and contained better. Unlike in Victoria where whole regions must shut. Startups and Companies alike in Israeli have had their capabilities utilised in the fight - Neura is one such exceptional example.

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