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Australia needs more energy test beds

This Smart Grid Lab in Canada physically and electrically replicates a micro-grid. If we had one in every State and Territory in Australia, we could fast-track the development of and integration of renewables (wind,solar, ocean), energy storage (fuel cells, batteries, EVs) and users of energy, such as electrolysers for small-scale hydrogen (diesel replacement), while safely studying the interactions under different scenarios in real-time.
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Lynn Wood @ 2020.05.29 7:32 PM
Is this the smart grid that you mention?

Kylie Hargreaves @ 2020.05.30 8:28 AM

Yup - sure is. Here is another link with some video on the Lab. 

Also a link to the Qld announcement in Feb 2020. 


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By Kylie Hargreaves

29 May 2020

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