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Australia Should Establish Universal and Free Childcare


Australia should support all families with free childcare. This would help with the liberal democratic principle of equal opportunity as it would:


1.     Give all children the benefit of early development of basic learning and social skills, so critical to their future development and life opportunities;

2.     Give parents the opportunity to study, train, work and build some financial independence, without their children missing out on support in their development or the heavy cost impost of privately funded childcare (the cost of private childcare is particularly burdensome or unaffordable for those on low incomes).

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.06.11 9:39 AM
Good point- in Denmark it's compulsory for some!

Lynn Wood @ 2021.02.17 2:10 AM

High level people are supporting this idea

Glenn Barnes @ 2021.02.17 2:52 AM
Yes, the Minderoo Foundation is making a big push on 'Thrive By Five'. Nicola Forrest and Jay Weatherill (CEO and past-Premier of SA) are leading the initiative.

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By Glenn Barnes

11 June 2020

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