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Australian made batteries and EV's


Tesla chair Robyn Denholm says Australia should revive its auto industry by making batteries and electric vehicles to meet soaring global demand and help speed up the transition from petrol and diesel cars.

Recent comments by Ed Husic MP, Minister for Industry and Science, at the AIIA Tech and Sustainability Summit support this view. "We’re putting the nation in a position to capitalise on this growth via our Australian Made Battery plan. We want to be able to manufacture batteries in this nation given the huge store of resources – critical minerals, rare earths – that we have".

What do you think?

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Anthony Passe-de Silva @ 2022.09.16 6:34 AM
If Australia can leverage its upstream advantages in things like renewable energy & minerals to build an advanced manufacturing (high machinery, low labour) industry to support the global EV sector, then it could be possible to build a strong globally competitive industry (though we still need to overcome the issue of distance as Australia's car industry is in of itself very small and needs scale to be truly globally competitive).

IdeaSpies @ 2022.09.16 4:42 AM

Yes Anthony- if we can export this tanker we can export EV's....

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